Family Meals

Family Meals

Our family meals are currently on hiatus, we hope to have them back shortly.

Family Meals – Please Call ahead to reserve your meal for pick up after 4pm.  

See our Weekly Menu for Family Meals available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. 

Our Family Meals are like the meals you would cook for your family if you had the time to.  We make them fresh for you on the busiest days of the week – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They are made without preservatives with fresh, local ingredients when feasible and are meals we serve our own families.

Family meals are regularly 4 servings each, but we are happy to package them in any serving size you wish!




Family Meal Price List:

1 Person $8.00
2 Person $15.00
3 Person $20.00
4 Person $25.00
5 Person $30.00
6 Person $35.00

Check out our freezer for delicious meals – Stock up!