Savoury Pies

Life of Pie offers a variety of savoury pies! All possible flavours are listed below, while our current availability can be found under the Savoury Pies section of the “Menu – Welcome to Life of Pie” page! Our savoury pies are ready to be picked up and baked from frozen at home.

Stacked pie boxes containing savoury pies

Curried Chicken Pie

A mild, flavourful curried chicken with onions, mango, and ginger.

Chicken Pot Pie

Traditional chicken pot pie in a light, creamy sauce with peas and carrots.

Cajun Chicken Pie

Lightly spiced medley of chicken,​​ corn, jalapeno peppers, red beans, and tomatoes.

Beef Stroganoff Pie

Beef with cream cheese, onions and spices.

Fireside Beef Pie

Beef with grated onions, carrots, tomato and spices.

Vegetarian Curry Pie

A hot, spicy curry with cauliflower,​​ peppers, zucchini and carrots.

Moroccan Lentil Pie

French lentils with vegetables in a lightly spiced Moroccan Curry. Vegetarian.

Summer Vegetable Curry Pie

A flavourful coconut curry with summer vegetables. Available only during the summer.​​ Vegetarian.

Roasted Winter Vegetable Crisp Pie

Root vegetables roasted with apple cider in a cheddar sauce. Available during the fall and winter. Vegetarian.

Mediterranean Lamb Pie

A layer of caramelized onions topped with Ontario lamb, feta cheese, and​​ rosemary.


A traditional French Canadian tourtiere made with beef and Berkshire pork.

Turkey Dinner Pie

A turkey dinner in a pie crust! A layer of Life of Pie cranberry sauce, followed by turkey, carrots, and sweet potatoes in gravy,​​ topped with a spiced bread crumb stuffing. Available seasonally: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Beef and Kichesippi Ale Pie

Cubes of Ontario angus beef, carrots, and onions in a savoury gravy spiked with Kichesippi Ale.

Beef Bourguignon

Ontario angus beef braised in a red wine with smoked pork belly and mushrooms. Our version of Julia Child’s classic French dish in a pie shell!

Tuscan Pork

Berkshire pork braised in white wine and balsamic vinegar with onions, carrots, and dried​​ plums.

Duck with Port & Figs

Mariposa duck braised with port, figs, and orange. Available during November and December.