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Once upon a time a woman named Samantha was growing weary of the gluten-free products on the market. They were dry, crumbly, or tasted like garbage and it was especially sad because these horrible baked goods were expensive. Samantha would complain to her friend Andrea that she could make her own, but sometimes she didn’t have the time or she was ‘out and about’ for work or errands. Being a former pastry chef, Andrea completely understood; gluten-free baking was in sad state.

Sam and Drey

Enter one complaint too many, discussions, bits of paper, and countless meetings at coffee shops and bez gluten free was born.  bez gluten free was created on the belief that everyone’s body should be able to have and eat the food it loves. Just because your body doesn’t like gluten, doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too.


bez gluten free began with baking from the heart, making recipes that reminded Samantha and Andrea of their family and friends. Although it is now a solo venture, baking with love continues.

20130405-SamanthaMaloney-4-Final-HSamantha comes from a family where you eat dessert first, and if you didn’t, then there was always room for it. She grew up eating her babcia’s plum cake and blueberry pierogies, and her nana’s shortbread and mincemeat pies. In university Samantha began fending for herself and that meant learning how to cook. She not only enjoys it, but finds she thrives on it. After her grandmothers past away she began making some of their sweets for family and friends, carrying on the tradition of showering those you love with sugar.